A Message from Phil Furey, director of SINCE, a Documentary Film

Hello to all the VPAF 103 families: For those of you who do not know me, my name is Phil Furey. I am the director of a feature- length documentary film called SINCE: THE BOMBING OF PAN AM FLIGHT 103, which is currently touring the film festival circuit. I have gotten to know a number of you over the past several years while filming and presenting the film, either at events at Syracuse, Arlington, on production trips to Lockerbie or around the East Coast, and at film festival screenings all across the country. It has been such a pleasure to meet every single one of you. The wisdom you have garnered and the experience you have endured through this horrific, unwilling sacrifice of your loved ones has fueled my desire to educate the public on this event. I made this film as a memorial to the victims, and also to their survivors (you), who proved that you don’t have to be experts in politics to become a stalwart presence
in government and media, and bringers of great and much needed changes to security and the justice system. Unfortunately, your clarion call was not fully heeded—and as a result of the government not taking all of your recommendations, terrorists were able to circumvent lax security measures and figure out how to hit us on an even grander scale.

As you also know, and as said in SINCE by one of the family members pro led, “It’s hard to put your trust in justice, because it’s a very fragile term.” If there is one good thing that came out of a convicted terrorist being released for the Lockerbie bombing, it’s that it happened while I was there to film it. The release of Abdelbaset al-Megrahi is a terrible indictment of what we as a world value. When a murderous terrorist dictator like Muammar Gadda is able to demand freedom by holding ransom a massive amount of oil, we all lose. And when the United States and the United Kingdom sit back and let that happen, it begs me to ask, if we allow this to happen, what horrors are in store for the future?

And so, what started out as a completely retrospective film on the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103, told by a handful of families, ended up at present day with the most serious of messages about how oil trumps justice. I had no idea that this story would morph into what it did, and the end result is a film that the public NEEDS to see. The ongoing saga of Pan Am Flight 103 is one that cannot be contained in any one film. Ken Dornstein’s brilliant three-part documentary for FRONTLINE last fall has sparked an immense public interest in your story, and I believe that my film, which tells the different side of the bombing, focusing on the stories of the families, serves as an excellent companion piece to My Brother’s Bomber.

The film debuted in November at the Austin Film Festival. It has been to 14 festivals thus far and won several prizes. More festival acceptances are coming in every month, so please stay tuned for how you can get involved with the film at upcoming screenings.

The trailer for SINCE can be viewed here.

I encourage you to stay informed of the film through social media or on our website: www.since103.com—all upcoming and past screenings are listed. Also, you will find very informative, easy to follow slideshows on the film and the bombing. You can also nd links to press about the film there. Facebook: www.facebook.com/Since103Film Twitter: @Since103Film.