Invocation for the 25th Anniversary Dinner on December 20, 2013

Written by Stephanie Bernstein and read by Mary Kay Stratis
Crystal Gateway Marriott

Source of all blessings, be with us tonight as we mark 25 years.
As we remember:
Lives cut short
Dreams unfulfilled.
As we recall with gratitude:
Friends and neighbors whose acts of loving-kindness sustained us
Who brought us food and answered our phones.
As we give thanks for comrades—members of a club no one wanted to join—who:
Cried with us
With whom we walked the halls of Congress and attended meetings too numerous to count
Who conveyed understanding with a look, a hug.
As we call to mind public officials who worked to bring justice for our loved ones:
Law enforcement officers with boundless energy and long memories
Prosecutors who took our loved ones into their hearts
Legislators determined to seek the truth.
Source of life, we are grateful to You for:
The ties of love that death cannot break
For memories that are a precious heritage.
May our loved ones be sheltered forever under the wings of Your Presence and may their memories always be a blessing. Amen