Syracuse University plans to Commemorate the 25th Anniversary

Kelly Rodoski, SU Director of News Services

Syracuse University is planning a series of events during the fall 2013 semester that will mark the 25th anniversary of Pan Am 103. A University-wide committee has been formed and includes SU faculty, staff and students; former Remembrance Scholars and a Lockerbie Scholar, a representative from the Pan Am 103 families and representatives from the cohort of students who studied in London during the fall 1988 semester.

The mission of the committee in planning commemorative activities is to use the past to shape the future—to remember the 270 lives lost, and in their honor, to shape the future through scholarship and action. Activities are being planned that will honor those we lost, educate about how we have moved forward, and complement activities that will take place in Washington, D.C. and Lockerbie on December 21.

Among the commemorative activities planned so far:

  • A University Lecture by former Sen. George J. Mitchell at Syracuse University on Nov. 12 on the state of the world over the past 25 years and prospects for peace
  • A Walk for Peace, to take place in Syracuse in September
  • Syracuse University’s annual Remembrance Week, Oct. 6-12, including a gathering of former Remembrance and Lockerbie Scholars
  • Telling the Stories: The Pan Am Flight 103 Story Archive Project—a project to collect narratives from those who have firsthand knowledge of Pan Am Flight 103. This will be done through traditional gathering of oral histories, digital storytelling and user- created content.
  • A London 1988 alumni trip to London and Lockerbie (possibly late September)
  • Academic events and symposia
  • An exhibition of Professor Larry Mason’s photos from Lockerbie
  • A Pan Am 103 timeline created by SU Archives
  • Regional events around the country on issues related to Pan Am 103
  • Remembrance events on Dec. 21

A comprehensive website with remembrance stories, oral histories and details on all planned events will launch in August and will be accessible through the Syracuse University home page,

For more information on SU’s commemoration of the 25th anniversary, e-mail