President's Report (Excerpt)

Frank Duggan, VPAF 103 President

I recall lengthy conversations with Rick Newcomb, the Treasury Department official responsible for administering the sanctions against Libya, while he drove us in his old Volvo from Washington, D.C. to Boston and return about 10 years ago. He loved racking up the miles in that old crate, and we had over 15 hours to chat about Victims of Pan Am 103, Inc. I had invited him to be the speaker at one of our meetings, and, unfortunately, it was a contentious meeting. On the long ride home, Rick Newcomb confessed that he did not think our group would last, since, in his experience, such interest groups always seemed to split up and lose their influence.

Our friend Rick Newcomb has been proven wrong. Victims of Pan Am 103, Inc. is still a formidable interest group in Washington as well as in the UK, and government officials want to speak with us on matters of mutual interest. On May 14, we participated in two meetings that had been requested. The first meeting was requested by John Pistole, the Administrator of the Transportation Security Administration, Department of Homeland Security, and the second by Robert Mueller, the Director of the FBI. We did not initiate these meetings but were glad they took place and that we heard personally from these government officials.

We are grateful to have public servants like Pistole, Mueller, the two agents, and countless others, for keeping this case active and aggressive. Special thanks to Kathryn Turman for arranging the FBI meeting.

There is no better way to honor the memory of our loved ones than to continue this quest for justice.