President's Report

Frank Duggan, VPAF 103 President

It’s nice to have friends in high places. As you read this issue of TruthQuest, Denis McDonough is in his new job as Chief of Staff of the White House, and hopefully John Brennan will have been confirmed as the new director of the Central Intelligence Agency. Both Denis and John have become good friends of our group, however, John Brennan’s appointment has raised some objections, as nearly all such appointments do. The board issued a statement on behalf of Brennan, which will be a part of his confirmation hearing and which he very much appreciated. In addition, several of our families have contacted their home state senators on John’s behalf.

Denis had called in to speak to our annual meeting in Syracuse and we last heard from him as our main speaker on December 21 at the Arlington memorial service. His speech at Arlington was heartfelt and moving, and we were all a little surprised when he said he heard about the Lockerbie bombing when he was just a freshman in college. It is helpful to know that we have such support from government officials, including Attorney General Holder and FBI Director Mueller, who continue to advocate for continued investigation and prosecution of others besides Megrahi, who was convicted. As I write this (January 17), Director Mueller is in Libya.