The Pan Am 103 Archives at Syracuse University

Cara Howe, assistant archivist

Since the last edition of TruthQuest the Pan Am 103 archives has received numerous donations that have helped to grow the collection for the benefits of current and future generations of scholars, students, and media. We are pleased to have added materials to the following collections: the Pan Am 103 Audiovisual, Pan Am 103 Publications, Victims of Pan Am 103, Inc., Richard A. Marquise, Anniversaries, College of Law-Donna Artz Papers, Place of Remembrance, Hawkins-Engelhardt Family, and the Sarah S.B. Philipps Family Collection. The following new collections have been also been added: Donald Bogie Papers, Wilson Family, Brian Murtagh Papers, and the Timothy Michael Cardwell Collection.

The Archives remains committed to making these materials available for study and we continually process collections and create EAD (encoded archival description) finding aids for our web site that allow greater access to the materials held. To view some of our processed collections finding aids, visit and use the left-hand index to navigate to various
collections groups.

The archives has also created online reviews pages for the books we hold in our Pan Am 103 Publications Collection. We are hoping that reviews will be submitted by those with firsthand knowledge of the bombing and aftermath of Pan Am 103. Our goal is to provide researchers and students with an idea of what publications they must read, which they should read, and which are inaccurate. We hope this will allow us to better educate the individuals who use the archives.

A list of books in the Publications Collection is available at

If you have read any of these books, please take a moment to submit a review, preferably of one to three paragraphs, using our simple submission form at

Please also take a moment to read the reviews already submitted to the Publications Book Reviews page at

We really need your help, so submit your reviews today. If you have recommendations for books we don’t have in our collection, please send your suggestions to

If you have questions, or materials you wish to donate, contact Cara Howe at