Angels of Love

Eileen Walsh

Angels of Love ( is a nonprofit ministry dedicated to offering hope and peace to suffering families. They distribute handmade stained glass angels to bring encouragement, love, peace, and comfort to people during difficult circumstances. After reading an AP article interviewing family members about Gadafi’s death, the founders, Rick and Sally Cryder, felt that they needed to do something for the families, no matter how much time has passed. They have made 270 angels available for the VPAF 103 families.

There will be one angel given per victim. I began handing out the angels at the general meeting in Syracuse on October 27, 2012. The person receiving it must sign for each angel. You may have someone pick up your angel for you. I will continue to hand out the angels throughout the year at the 2013 general meeting and at the 25th memorial service in Arlington this December.