A Circle is Drawn

Rosemary and Larry Mild

On August 22, 2012, Syracuse University welcomed incoming students to their new “home on the hill.” For one freshman, this was an especially significant day. Taylor Miriam Henry was attending the same school as her mother. Tami Zimmerman Henry graduated from Syracuse in 1988. Moving her daughter onto campus brought back many bittersweet memories. Tami’s best friend, Miriam Luby Wolfe, was among the students killed in the 1988 terrorist bombing of Pan AM 103.

When Tami’s first daughter was born, she gave her the middle name “Miriam” in honor of her friend. Bringing Taylor Miriam on campus, Tami says she felt like part of her friend was returning. “Her namesake is here, she would be very, very excited about it, and I know she knows,” Tami said.

Rosemary Mild is the mother of Miriam Luby Wolfe.