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VPAF 103, Inc. has truly made a difference and we must continue to do so. We continue to be involved with the investigation, to provide the TruthQuest so that families remain informed, to organize opportunities for loved ones to gather together and remember. The coordination of the upcoming 25th Anniversary Memorial Service takes much effort and many resources. We need your help to make the family dinner, the service, and the entire weekend possible. We need your help in ensuring that VPAF 103, Inc. endures.

Syracuse University plans to Commemorate the 25th Anniversary

Kelly Rodoski, SU Director of News Services

Syracuse University is planning a series of events during the fall 2013 semester that will mark the 25th anniversary of Pan Am 103. A University-wide committee has been formed and includes SU faculty, staff and students; former Remembrance Scholars and a Lockerbie Scholar, a representative from the Pan Am 103 families and representatives from the cohort of students who studied in London during the fall 1988 semester.

President's Report (Excerpt)

VPAF103 President's Report (Excerpt)

VPAF 103 Chair's Rport

Report from the Chairwoman of the Board

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