You's, A Collection of Poetry

You's, A Collection of Poetry
by Sandy Phillips

This is a partial list of the poems included in this collection.

A fire that burns, as leadership
awakens, in the heart of a quiet man.

The blade you carry into the dust
and smoke of battle, the field
of conquest, may cause that long
terrible fall you now face.
Pick yourself up.


A tiny, quiet field mouse stands
in the absence of cover. It
pictures a thousand howks, mice
catchers all, circling overhead.

Realizing the illusion of fear,
it becomes a stand for life; a
glorious, white, fearless being.


Paintings by a master, jeweled
wrists, a pipe bomb exploding
the inner city, a baby clinging
to its mother's breast shine
within you.

Deny the past and doom repeats
itself, or so I've ben told.
Concentrate on the life which
courses through you.


Light and giving within a space.
A journey through a timeless place.
Smiles which flow from a child's face.
These are you.


Prisons for the heart which have
never been locked hold only those
who wish to be held, entrapped by
their own fears.

As you hold the key, look within
for the strength to push the door


Aristocrat crying, as the sun lifts
itself over the lip of the earth,
rejects himself to the service of the

His caring is as a steady oak;
Tickled by the breeze, yet strong
enough to stand firm in the gale.


A small fish leaps out of the ocean,
falls back in and wonders "Why am I
different," all the time knowing
there are no differences.

For a time he feels drowned by the
weight of the sea, surviving, until
he finds love within himself, the
love that is to be shared.


The dancer in the light, her wish to
be seen comes as a blaze of color
from the light of a chandelier.

A perfect crystal embedded in the
ground, awaiting its turn to show
the light which is its soul.


The child, within the boy, within
the man, speaks in hushed voices
for all who hear to understand.
The voice of worth pours forth.

Even a child speaks with wisdom,
even a boy voices honesty, even
a man talks with tears.