Poems In Memory of Gretchen based on the topics of Freedom, Peace and Equality

Freedom is....

Freedom is, A beautiful tree standing in the sunshine,
And a bright red apple falling from a tall tree.
Freedom is, the land of a great place in the world;
and it is birds chirping, and wind flowing through the windows;
Your finger tips just writing away.

- Justin Fox, Grade 4.


Peace is not having wars and not fighting;
Peace is the birds singing when I wake up in the morning;
Peace is sharing and caring for others.

- Jimmy Stewart, Grade 4.

Freedom, Peace and Equality


Peace is a beautiful bird with colorful wings;
That lands in our hearts with blue, orange and yellow feathers.


Freedom is like a small lonely dove,
That's trapped in a cage;
That's let free into the open world
With wings fluttering brightly.


Equality is like a peacock
Spreading its wings;
Two brightly colored wings;
For each person in the world. Precious for millions and millions,
Of small, young, lonely children
With wings covering them.

- Christina Crociata, Grade 4.