For Gretchen by her mother, Joan Lutz Dater

We can Love a little deeper, we can love a little more,
Oh what treasures we are to each other,
And for each tomorrow, Oh what our Dear Lord
holds in store.

In my absence, do not worry or fret,
Though I have left you for a while,
Remember my dreams and aspirations
Remember my gift of giving and my warm smile.

For my sake and in my name,
Take pleasure in small sentiment,
Know God's way of ceasing darkness by his light,
And know his joy through sheer merriment.

Cling not to your loneliness
on the wings of empty days,
Instead, fill the cup of each moment fully,
by sharing in unique ways.

Reach out your arms to one another
In comfort and in cheer,
And I in turn, will glance down and
comfort and hold you near.

When you awaken each bright morning,
Greet each day with a fresh, new start,
Take up my dreams and aspirations,
See my spirit linger through my art.

So, if you find a hidden meaning in a stroke,
a vibrant color, in some horizontal line,
Remember that it's your heart's reflection
in close proximity to mine.