A Mothers Thoughts by Beulah McKee

How many times can a Mothers heart be broken?
How many tears can a Mother shed?
How much love as yet unspoken
Can never be said?

It was four days until Christms
Everywhere carols could be heard
The day a "terrorist bomb"
Brought down the "mechanical bird".

Two hundred fifty-nine bodies rained down
There were eleven more dead on the ground
And parts of the plane "Pan Am 103"
All scattered over the town of Lockerbie.

Devastation and havoc was everywhere
Folks in the town looked around with despair
Asking the inevitable "why"
Was it really time for so many people to die?

They did not understand
It was to have occurred over the ocean, not over the land
Leaving evidence hard to find
For those with only that on their mind.

To find those that were guilty
We knew would take time
Now two men in Libya
Have been charged with the crime.

It's been over eight years
Justice has yet to be done
Of the many who are waiting
I'm only one.

So I grow ever older
Will an ending come late?
I can't help but wonder
As I just sit and wait, and wait.

With my heart that's been broken
With the tears I still shed
With the love still unspoken
For my only son, who is dead.