In Memory of Victims of Pan Am 103

Poems by Tom Coker in memory of his twin sons, Jason and Eric Coker.

Cries of Anguish
This poem expresses feelings resulting from this horrible tragedy that many family members have felt - the pain of such loss, frustration with the process of identifying and returning bodies, compassion for the people of Lockerbie and for those who were mandated to retrieve bodies and debris in the aftermath, and anger toward those individuals whose decisions either allowed this to happen or hampered the recovery and notification process.

Brothers - written for publication in On Eagles Wings.

Poems by Janice Cunningham in memory of Alexander Lowenstein.

In Memory of Alex - Reprinted from On Eagle's Wings with the permission of Alexander Lowenstein's parents.

Poems in memory of Gretchen Dater.

For Gretchen - written by her mother, Joan Dater.

On Freedom, Peace and Equality - written by children of Ramsey, NJ.

A Little Town of Scotland - this poem, yet unfinished, was written by Dennis Kaufman in memory of Gretchen Dater and those who died.

Poems by Helen Englehardt in memory of her husband Tony and those who died on Pan Am 103.

The Barrier - Reprinted from the March 1997 issue of Truth Quest.

The Gift

Incident at Altitude, 12/21/88 - Reprinted from the June 1989 issue of Truth Quest.

There was so Much to Love - Reprinted from the March 1999 issue of Truth Quest.

Poems by Beulah McKee in memory of her son Army Major Charles "Chuck" McKee and all those who died on Pan Am 103.

A Mothers Thoughts

Remember - written in 9/19/97.

Poem by Alicia Poterek in memory of Jason and Eric Coker and those who died on Pan Am 103.

Ash and Shadow
This poem was written in 1998. A Psychology and Art major at Syracuse, Alicia wrote this poem/essay in response to her reaction to hearing about the tragedy of Pan Am 103. She was accepted to the DIPA program and spent her semester abroad in Strasbourg, France.

Poem by Ben Higgins.

I am a 2nd year Public Services Student at Strode College, Street, Somerset. Part of our study involves investigating Disasters and Emergencies. Coincidentally we were studying the psychological effects of disasters and considering victims & families perspectives on the day the verdict was delivered. It seemed appropriate that we should consider Lockerbie in this context. I was so touched by the material we were analyzing that I felt I had to put pen to paper, the result is the poem I have sent to you.

Poems by Sarah Sproat.
A poem by a Lockerbie resident who was a young child at the time of tragedy.

Reaction to the Bomber's Compassionate Release
Sarah's reaction to the compassionate release of al-Megrahi.

A Letter to America from a Scottish Family
A Letter to America