Bomb Threat Warning - 1988

This message was posted on bulletin boards in all sections of the US embassy in Moscow. Also journalists, business people and students in Moscow of American origin were notified about this warning. The FAA sent the warning to all US carriers and airlines, including Pan Am.

American Embassy, Moscow
December 13, 1988

To: All Embassy Employees
Subject: Threat to Civil Aviation

Post has been notified by the Federal Aviation Administration that on December 5, 1988, an unidentified individual telephoned a U.S diplomatic facility in Europe and stated that sometime within the next two weeks there would be a bombing attempt against a Pan American aircraft flying from Frankfurt to the United States.

The FAA reports that the reliability of the information cannot be assessed at this point, but the appropriate police authorities have been notified and are pursuing the matter. Pan Am also has been notified.

In view of the lack of confirmation of this information, post leaves to the discretion of individual travelers any decisions on altering personal travel plans or changing to another American carrier This does not absolve the traveler from flying an American carrier

(signed) William C. Kelly, Administrative Counselor