Cycle to Syracuse – The Lockerbie Memorial Tour 2018

What A series of cycling events honoring those lost in the Pan Am 103 bombing. A team of cyclists will undertake a “continuous” journey from Lockerbie Academy in Scotland to Syracuse University in upstate NY as part of its desire to “complete” the journey that was never finished by those on the flight. The core team consists of the tour organizer, Colin Dorrance, representing Police Scotland, Paul Rae, representing the Scottish Fire And Rescue Service, David “Heavy” Whalley BEM MBE, representing the RAF Mountain Rescue, David Walpole, representing the Scottish Ambulance Service and the “novice” cyclist Brian Asher, representing Lockerbie Academy. The team also aims to raise money for the Dumfries and Galloway-based charity, Soul Soup, to support its outstanding work in providing mental health support to 12- to 25-year-olds to reduce their risk of suicide;


  • Stage 1 - Pupil Power, Lockerbie Academy
    Wednesday, October 10 – Pupils at Lockerbie Academy and other area schools will conduct a mass exercise event to promote positive mental health and physical fitness. This stage honors the 3 Lockerbie children killed in 1988 and Andrew McClune, a Lockerbie-Syracuse Scholar who died while studying at Syracuse University.
  • Stage 2 – The Cairn to the Castle
    Saturday, October 13- The 5 Scottish riders will be joined by riders from Syracuse University and approximately 100 local cyclists for the ride from Lockerbie to Edinburgh Castle. This portion will be dedicated to the 11 Lockerbie residents lost in the tragedy and also to all first-responders. This event will raise awareness of and be a fundraiser to support mental health charities.
  • Stage 3 – Washington, DC to Syracuse University
    The 5 Lockerbie cyclists will commence 600-mile portion of their journey beginning in Washington, D.C. and ending at Syracuse University during Remembrance Week. Stages of this portion will be dedicated to the 35 Syracuse University students killed in the tragedy, the emergency services groups (including volunteers) who responded to the tragedy, all 270 lives lost in the tragedy.
    • Friday, October 26 – Day 1 – Leave Washington D.C. (from Arlington Cemetery)
    • Saturday, October 27 – Day 2 – Philadelphia area (arriving at Independence Park near the Liberty Bell)
    • Sunday, October 28 – Day 3 – Arrive at Central Park, NYC (arriving at the SE corner, near 5th Ave. and 61st St, approximately 4 pm)
    • Monday, October 29 – Day 4 – Rest Day
    • Tuesday, October 30 – Day 5 – NYC north towards Albany
    • Wednesday, October 31 – Day 6 – Albany area toward Utica
    • Thursday, November 1 – Day 7 – Arrival at Syracuse University
    • Thursday, November 1, 3:30 p.m. – Welcome Event on Syracuse University’s Einhorn Family Walk

Where Lockerbie, Scotland; Washington, DC to Syracuse, New York; Syracuse University

Coordinator Colin Dorrance (Lockerbie) – go to for more details or to contribute to Soul Soup, a mental health charity in Scotland