23rd Memorial Ceremony held at Arlington National Ceremony

On December 21, 2011 the 23rd memorial ceremony took place at Arlington National Cemetery. In addition to the many family members and friends of those killed on Pan Am 103, we are joined every year by representatives of law enforcement, intelligence and prosecutors, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Central Intelligence Agency, Department of Justice, Department of State, Department of Homeland Security, Transportation Security Administration, Federal Aviation Administration, Department of Transportation and others.

The speakers this year included:
Eric Holder, United States Attorney General
Robert Mueller, FBI Director
Frank Mulholland, Lord Advocate of Scotland
Ali Aujali, Libyan Ambassador to the Unites States
John O. Brennan, Deputy National Security Advisor and Assistant to the President
Brian Murtagh, Department of Justice Prosecutor for the Lockerbie case

Plaques expressing our gratitude for their steadfast support and their dedication to justice were presented to John O. Brennan and to Brian Murtagh.

This year we were joined by:
John Pistole, Administrator, Transportation Security Administration
Raymond Maxwell, Deputy Assistant Secretary, Department of State
Patrick K. Hallinan, Superintendent, Arlington National Cemetery
Kathryn A. Condon, Executive Director, Army National Cemeteries Program
Rep. Ann Marie Buercle, Member of Congress from Syracuse, NY
Jennifer Levy, Trial Attorney, Counterterrorism Section, National Security Division, Dept of Justice
Lisa Monaco, Assistant Attorney General, US Department of Justice
Stephen M.Lord, Director, Homeland Security and Justice, US Government Accountability Office
Kathryn Turman, Director of Victim Services, Federal Bureau of Investigation
Joye E. Frost, Office of Victims of Crime, US Department of Justice
Alyce Abdalla, Libya Desk Officer, US Department of State

Remembrance Scholars and the Lockerbie Scholar from Syracuse University joined family members and others in reading the names of the 270 victims. It is notable that these students were not even born in December 1988, but they demonstrate that the memories we cherish are not just from families and they will never fade away.

The Pender United Methodist Church Choir preformed beautifully as they do each year, including the piece "Under His Wings", which was composed in memory of the victims. Mr. Homer Babcock contributed inspirational bagpiping.

We are grateful to the officials of Arlington National Cemetery and the Department of the Army for the Color Guard, the Bugler and Army Chaplain Jason Hohnberger.

Speakers remarks are attached.

The event was covered by C-SPAN, Rememberance Ceremony of Pan Am Flight 103 Bombing (video run time is 1 hr 3 min).