Letter from Frank Duggan, President of VPAF103 to Ambassador Ali Aujali – April 19, 2012

Frank Duggan wrote a letter to Libya’s Ambassador to the US, Ali Aujali, in response to an on-line article in The Independent which linked calls for continued investigations into the Lockerbie bombing ploys for “re-opening existing settlements.” The full article can be seen at: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/africa/libya-fears-new-compensat...

Dear Ambassador Aujali:

We are concerned with the attached news article, although we know that so many of these press reports are speculative and incorrect. We were very pleased and assured by your statements at Arlington Cemetery last December 21st that the new government of Libya would continue the investigation of the Lockerbie bombing. I want to assure you that the families of the US victims of this bombing have no intention of seeking monetary compensation. Our efforts were never about money but instead were a search for justice. The conviction of Mr. Megrahi was important, as was the decision of the Scottish court that it was an act of state sponsored terrorism, and everyone knows that Mr. Megrahi did not act alone. Whoever is speculating that there is a desire for more compensation is not helping our mutual search for the truth. Thank you for your help and your friendship.

Best regards,
Frank Duggan, President
Victims of Pan Am 103, Inc.