A Letter of Support

Dear sir or madam,

I would like to send this note as a mark of respect to the victims and the family members of the victims who have suffered so terribly as a result of the Lockerbie bombing. I would like you to know that I myself and the majority of the people in Scotland fully support you in your anguish at the release of the man convicted in court of the Lockerbie bombing. In the opinion of everyone I have discussed this matter with we are all in agreement that this man should not have been released from a Scottish jail. All thoughts of compassion and support must go to the victims of any crime and not to the perpetrators. The decision on whether to release the bomber or to leave him in jail was left to the Scottish Justice Minister. A decision as immense as this should not have been left to one man. To say that his decision to release this man shocked and horrified the whole of Scotland is indeed an understatement. Justice must be seen to be done to honour the people affected by any unlawful act especially one as immense as this, therefore this man should have served the rest of his sentence behind bars. His sentence of twenty seven years was also too lenient, sentences in the whole of the United Kingdom have always been too lenient. Governments are voted in to carry out the wishes of the people and this government minister certainly did not carry out the wishes of the people in Scotland, if he did then this man would still be locked up as he should be. This whole affair has caused untold damage to the relationship between our countries. I always thought politicians were supposed to take the feelings of the public into account when they made certain decisions. It would seem that the feelings of all of the families affected by this awful crime have been ignored. Maybe we should just dismiss the politicians and replace them with spokesmen for the people instead. That way we could get people to do the proper thing. Can we really trust politicians? What was Tony Blair doing discussing matters in Gadaffi's tent for example?

I hope this letter, and the fact that people in Scotland support the feelings of the families affected, will help in some way to console the family members upset by this mans release.

James Hamilton